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Unlock the power of peace with our mental health and de-escalation courses! Transform conflict into connection today!

The One Glaring Truth

We have been teaching these, and other courses, for years.

On the first day of training I ask the group to tell me one thing they are hoping to get out of the week. Without fail, a conservative estimate of 90% of the people say, "I am hoping to improve my confidence when dealing with people who have a mental illness and are in crisis."

These courses will do exactly that, and more.


"I really like your material, and think it really has a lot to offer. So far, I've only completed the first three courses of the online material. What I found particularly valuable were the role-play scenarios: one modeled the use of reflecting/mirroring and the other was an application of all your skills for use with an individual experiencing psychosis. Keep 'em coming!" - Andy

“Excellent courses and anyone who doesn't learn something, weren’t open to being with!” — Jeri

“It is very clear SolutionPoint+ is incredibly passionate, I could feel it through my screen. I

am a co-chair of a Personal Development, Self-Care, & Wellness

subcommittee for my State and we just started over the summer. It’s very

obvious how much this is needed in all forms but especially for first

responders. I will be asking our Wellness Coordinator about these items. All of

this is valuable, there wasn’t one thing more important than another. Thank


— Brittany

“So many golden nuggets! As a retired LE Supervisory Ranger for the NPS and

now working as an NPS Victim Specialist, I so wish more LE rangers

understood the concepts that Joe and Jesse presented in these videos. Too many LE’s are focused on

power and control and view this type of information as “soft skills”. These are

essential skills that everyone in policing needs to understand and embrace.

— Kathleen

Such great content and insights here. ‘Person over Problem’ and ‘Connection over Correction” —


“Hearing it from a combat vet and former big city cop makes all the difference in

the world. THANK YOU for these courses!” — Deena

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